DKNY "New" Archive
  • Design Direction/Creative Direction
  • Creative Direction: Ken Lueng
  • Art Direction: Christine Corey
  • 2016
  • Additional Design (clothing): Marisa Ripo, Kristy Chen
  • (1)(5)(10-11) Photo: Marton Perlaki
  • (2-4)(12) Photo: Joshua Woods
During the creation of the DKNY spring 2017 New York Runway show within the final months of the LVMH ownership, I worked with our team to put together an extensive set of design and concepts supporting the "NEW (NEO) CITY" sentiment of the show. Using repetition of phrasing and combining two dimensional with three dimensional in various executions.

Since the sale of the DKNY occured shortly after much of this direction is now considered archived material with the exception of a few items